Do-It-Yourself Kits

Bradon Screen Enclosures for the last many months has directed much of its’ energies on creating D0-It-Yourself KITS. We had never contemplated DIY kits until we were repeatedly asked by people wanting our Bradon quality in a ‘kit environment’. These, as you will soon see, are of the same quality and material as our larger custom units and include Canadian specifications.

The first to ‘roll-out’ shall be the 10ft x 10ft, 12ft x 10ft, 12ft x 14ft units; 8ft in height.  Initially Bradon will offer these through our web site although other distributors/wholesalers have expressed an interest in order to strengthen and expand their current product lines.

Think ENJOYMENT within a safe environment, think permanent and think cost effective.  You will not get a better value for your dollar – guaranteed !


Of course your custom requests will continue to be addressed.