About Bradon Screen Enclosures

Bradon Screen Enclosures is a Canadian company founded upon the more than fifty years of tried, tested and proven aluminum industry experiences in the southern United States. Our enclosures have been specifically engineered and designed for Canadians and for our harsh Canadian weather.
Bradon Screen Enclosures was a concept born while vacationing down south in the winter and enjoying the outdoors without flying insects in a lanai enclosure. With the threat in Canada from flying insects, West Nile Virus, allergic reactions to stings, growing problems with ticks, and even the potential spread of the Zika Virus on the minds of many, we decided to work with Canadian structural engineers to design our outdoor structures.
With outdoor time at a premium during our northern summers, the ability to bring the indoors out, and enjoy an almost pest-free environment by your pool, on your deck or patio, or having dinner outside, we set out to make an affordable, bright and comfortable, yet durable, enclosure. The advantages do not stop there – with a pool lanai you will use less chemicals and have less cleaning to do, as the amount of debris falling into your pool is negligible. In the same way, being able to dine or relax outside with almost no flying insects or flying debris makes for a more comfortable experience while you enjoy the outdoors. You no longer have to be driven inside at a certain time of the day or night.
All of our Bradon Screen Enclosures are custom made to measure. We can supply a three-sided unit that attaches to your home or building, or a free-standing four-sided enclosure that you can place anywhere that you have a platform to support it. The same appearance as a southern enclosure is now available with a Bradon Screen Enclosure. Wide spans make for open spaces and less uprights to obstruct your view, and our Phifer mesh screens allow for maximum light, to provide an airy, bright outside room. We even have UV ray blocking screens available if desired.
Our Canadian engineered screen enclosures will withstand up to 52 weeks of whatever kind of weather is in store. All wall screen panels, as well as all of the structure, stays up year-round – you simply remove the screened roof which takes minutes to do with our roll on / roll off, or roof panel systems. Affordability of our Bradon Screen Enclosures is enhanced by our aircraft-strength aluminum structure which will last for years to come.
The seamless transition from indoor to outdoor space will give your family considerable added enjoyment and comfort, as well as add value to your home. While extending the hours per day of outdoor pleasure, a Bradon Screen Enclosure also provides a cleaner, safer environment by almost eliminating flying insects and outside debris from your new outdoor room, resulting in less cleaning time and more time to relax, along with a longer season of outdoor enjoyment.
We ship coast to coast and will build your unit to your exact measurements. Special freight rates to Western and Eastern Canada are also available. Since we custom cut every unit, a Bradon Screen Enclosure can fit onto an existing covered deck, porch or patio. Another great use is as a hot tub enclosure.
From a custom DIY installed kit, to a full pool lanai, we can provide a Bradon Screen Enclosure to fit any of your unique needs. All Bradon Screen Enclosures come with a detailed instruction booklet, as well as our colour matching, non-corroding and stainless steel hardware, and one 36 inch door.
Please feel free to take a wander through our website and to peruse the products and services we deliver to Canadians, it is a first in Canada. Our business is founded upon integrity, trust and honesty, while ensuring loyalty to each customer and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with a 100% warranty.
We look forward to meeting you! Contact us today and take your first step toward a safer outdoors, with less maintenance and immediately add enjoyment and value to your home! Ask us how our unique enclosures can now eliminate a costly perimeter fence around your pool and how we can increase your protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
We would be pleased for you to make an appointment and to see our 1,100 sq. ft. and 160 sq. ft. models in Barrie, Ontario. We can be reached anytime by phone at (705) 302-3388 or by email at brian@bpmltd.ca.

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