1. What materials are used in your enclosure?
    • The framing is fabricated from maintenance-free, powder coated aluminum extrusions exclusively manufactured for the enclosure. The patented screen system locks the screening securely. All connections are anti-corrosive and/or stainless steel. The screening is an 18 x 14 mesh to address flying insect (and debris) concerns.
  2. Do you manufacture standard models?
    • Each enclosure is designed and manufactured to suit your circumstances, focusing on function and appearance. Our larger beams allow us to span large areas over pools/patios – just like Florida!
  3. Are there any other companies with your Canadian Engineered Designs ?
    • No; we have worked with Canadian Structural Engineers to introduce our enclosures to Canada. The uniquely designed roof tracking system (CRTS) is the property of Bradon (patent pending).
  4. Do all the screened areas need to be removed for the winter?
    • No. Our enclosures are maintenance free; they are designed for our Canadian weather. The screen roof panels slide on (spring) and off (fall); this is a requirement. The roof panels can simply be stored outside, the weather will not affect them.
  5. How much do Bradon Enclosures cost?
    • Most often, they are less than do-it-yourself, pre-packaged kits. Our enclosures immediately add value and curb appeal to your home. Comparable enclosures start from $50 and go up to $120. per sq. ft. Our enclosures average $ 25.00 per sq. ft. Enclosure prices vary depending on the size and complexity, to get a free estimate, Contact Us or Schedule an Appointment for a free, no-obligation quote, or call Brian @ 705-302-3388.
  6. What roof styles do you offer and what is the maximum height of your enclosures?
    • Four roof styles are offered; flat, shed, gable and dome. We recommend a maximum height of 12 feet. Local by-laws should be checked.
  7. Can I still tan inside your enclosure?
    • Yes. The screen blocks up to 40% of sun rays. It does not block U.V. rays. U.V. ray protection is available. We can install this protection wherever you desire (e.g. part of the roof, a west wall or perhaps just a few wall panels). The level of protection (20%, 40% +) is your decision.
  8. How long does it take to build?
    • From confirmation of your personal design, engineering specifications, manufacturing and installation ~ two to three weeks depending upon complexity. A building permit application process, if required, will add to these time frames.
  9. What foundation requirements are necessary?
    • Screen enclosures are considered accessory structures and do not require a frost proof foundation. Ideally, a flat pad of five to six inches of concrete is sufficient. Its’ purpose is to attach the enclosure (to the pad) in order to prevent ‘lift’ (in the event of very strong winds). Individual footings can be used if a poured pad is not available.
  10. We like the idea of the screened enclosure but we want a solid roof; is that possible?
    • Bradon Screen Enclosures is focused on providing ‘open and airy’ screened enclosures using our Roof Screened Panel Tracking System; we have, at this time, decided to remain focused on that outdoor lifestyle. There are many good businesses capable of providing you with a solid roof; we would be pleased to make ‘that’ recommendation.
  11. Can we add a screened enclosure over our above ground pool or hot tub?
    • Absolutely yes. These enclosures, like all the others, will be designed to address your needs through our consultation with you.
  12. Could you supply me with the “kit” and I’ll install it?
    • The short answer is no. Our trained and professional installers are required; the installation is included in our cost. Our custom designed enclosures are built for your environment, are most frequently less per square foot than other pre-packaged kits.
  13. Is a Building Permit necessary?
    • This is directly dependent upon your municipality. Because the enclosure is considered an ‘accessory structure’ a permit is usually required. Bradon will assist you with the process (included service); we also provide your units’ engineered specifications when required.
  14. Do we still need a fence around our yard?
    • We, at BRADON, have the ability to insert the equivalent of fence pickets between the chair and bottom rail with screening. Naturally we would need local building department approval; however this option can provide the identical features/specifications required (so there should be no concern). This will eliminate the cost of a perimeter fence and significantly reduce these costs to you.
  15. Is Privacy screening available instead of the non-view restrictive screening?
    • Yes. We can provide decorative privacy screening anywhere you would like; there are a wide variety of ‘scenes’ available that will enhance ‘your’ view.
  16. Protection from the Suns’ U.V. rays is one of our concerns; can you provide that protection?
    • Yes.

Contact Us or Schedule an Appointment for a free, no-obligation quote, or call Brian @ 705-302-3388.

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