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Providing clients with options for their particular situation is all about customization and recognizing one solution does not meet everyone’s needs. It does not mean ‘expensive’.

Enclosure ‘built-in’ perimeter fence

Screen enclosure built-in perimeter fenceBradon has identified a cost effective alternative to a property perimeter fence (protecting your pool) by installing pickets in the lower chair rail area of your enclosure. Of course local by-law/building departments must be consulted. To date there has been no issue as long as the fundamental principles of the perimeter fence are adhered to. This provides huge savings to our clients.

Pool Safety Fence

Pool Safety FencePool Safety Fences inside the pool enclosure can be easily installed and separates the entrance area from your home from the pool; providing an open area available for young children to play without constant worry about the pool. At Bradon we offer this ‘easily removable’ option through an experienced Ontario company.

Removable wall panels

These are available for any wall panel. It is Bradon’s desire to create an environment that makes everything as easy as possible for you. For example, having a few lower removable wall panels facilitates blowing leaves out of the enclosure area in the fall when the roof panels have been removed.

Doggie Doors

For homeowners with pets from small ~ medium ~ large we install these for the easy coming and going of your pet to eliminate any inconvenience to their owner.

Screening ~ U.V. / Pet / Privacy

At Bradon we use a Phifer 18 x 14 mesh. It is very strong and durable and is non-view restrictive although providing about a 40% shade factor (slows tanning process). We also recognize clients will have additional needs and subsequently we offer many screening variations; for example:

Protection from sun U.V. rays is available and can be installed in all or any part of the enclosure (e.g. a particular wall or a part of the roof).
Pets, with a ‘scratching tendency’, may require ‘heavier/tougher’ pet screening in lower panel sections.
Privacy may be an issue; therefore we offer a large range of ‘enchanting scenes’ (e.g. south pacific, sculptured pillars) to enhance your interior environment and provide the level of privacy desired. The scene you want can be, for the most part, provided.

Roof Styles

We offer four distinct roof-styles; flat, shed, gable and dome. Our Canadian Designed roof tracking system (CRTS) will attach to the style of roof chosen. We recommend a maximum height of 12 feet. Height determinations may be identified by local building by-laws.

Flat Screen Enclosure


Shed Screen Enclosure


Gable Screen Enclosure


Dome Screen Enclosure


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A BRADON Screen Enclosure is all about lifestyle and convenience with affordability.

Whether you want to…

  • add a luxurious lifestyle component to your property, or
  • add increased value to your pool, or
  • reduce health issues relating to flying insect stings and bites, or
  • increase your enjoyment of outdoor activities and spend less effort constantly cleaning,

…the Bradon Screen Enclosure will help you accomplish all of the above personal goals.

The following are but a few of the benefits:

  • Direct and immediate increased value to your property
  • Seamless transition from indoors to outdoors
  • Flying Insect – free environment; sting health issues significantly reduced
  • Reduced flying debris makes for outdoor living less costly with less effort
  • Suns’ effects reduced by phifer non-view restrictive screening
  • Increased pool security ~ people and animals, and
  • Reduced ‘inside’ wind velocity (those bright but windy days are now more enjoyable)

Contact Us or Schedule an Appointment for a free, no-obligation quote, or call Brian @ 705-302-3388.

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