“The Bradon” Outdoor Lifestyle Package


“The Bradon” COMPLETE Outdoor

Luxury Life-Style Package

Enjoy life to the fullest with a complete back yard makeover that includes a pool, a complete screen enclosure and landscaping to accent your home.

Few things in life will compare to the pleasures of owning a Bradon Screen Enclosure Outdoor Life-Style luxury package. Affordable luxury!

There is just no better way of enhancing the feeling of togetherness among family and friends enjoying refreshing relaxation without the annoyance of flying insects. And all within the privacy of your own backyard.

The seamless transition from indoors to outdoors will not only extend your summer enjoyment of outdoor activities but, as well, increase the spaciousness of your home while adding direct value to your property and provide increased pool time enjoyment.

Imagine for a moment, realistically, a safer, cleaner back yard with less cost and less maintenance; a centre for fun and relaxing activities.

What could be better?

The package is entirely adjustable to address your needs. If you want a smaller/larger screen enclosure or pool or landscaping, we can and will accommodate it. The package offered has great value and is designed to service most needs.

There are NO hidden costs and financing is available.

Why not have ‘it all’ for a price usually less than just an in-ground pool from someone else?

Optional Splash pools, above ground pools and hot tubs can be accommodated.

Contact Us or Schedule an Appointment for a free, no-obligation quote, or call Brian @ 705-302-3388.

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